Practice tip: 5 ways to renew your morning huddle

July 26, 2016

To start your day right, practice management experts often recommend gathering your team for a five-minute morning huddle. This strategy can build morale and help the practice run more smoothly.

However, as with any routine, this exercise runs the risk of growing stale. To make this time worthwhile, here are five ideas to freshen things up:

  1. Give thanks. You may recall a previous FiercePracticeManagement column featuring advice from John Foley, former lead solo pilot with the Blue Angels–wake up each day thinking of one thing you’re grateful for. “Learn to begin your day with gratitude, and you’ll automatically begin your day in a good mood,” he said. Considering that happy employees are generally motivated and empathetic employees, try adapting this tradition to your huddle from time to time. Much like your family might do as you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, go around the room and give each person a chance to share one thing he or she is thankful for, practice related or not, and see what happens.
  2. Share lessons learned. Yesterday might have seemed like you were up against one problem after another, but for at least some of them, you found solutions. Ask employees to share new knowledge with the group, or even pass along tips they read about, such as those we offered this week about streamlining preauthorizations, and plan to try. Have that employee update the group on what worked and what didn’t.

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