Managing Supply Costs

January 22, 2016  Medical Economics

Supply Costs

While medical and office supplies may only account for a small portion of your practice’s expenses, costs can still add up. When reviewing expenses, supplies represent an excellent area to focus on savings.

Assign Leadership

Many practices leave the ordering to medical personnel such as nurses or medical assistants. This is particularly a problem for busy practices in which employees do not have time set aside to focus on supply management. From too many people placing orders, or depleted stocks from a lack of monitoring.

Organize an inventory system, run by a designated employee who has the time to monitor and manage supplies. Ideally, assign one person who is accountable for all medical and office supplies on behalf of the practice.

Employ Additional Help

While designating a staff member to monitor and order supplies will aid in inventory management, this individual may spend hours researching products, pricing and discounted offers. Such efforts can negatively impact overall productivity.

Employ the help of a group purchasing organization (GPO) to save time and take advantage of the organization’s negotiation power. Make sure the GPO you choose is free and offers a wide range of vendors to meet your office’s needs.

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